Ordo Byzantinus Sancti Sepulchri:Rjurik Dynasty

The marriage in 1472 between Zoè [Sofia] Paleologina, niece of the last Emperor of Byzantium Constantine XI Paleologo, and Ivan III Velichy [the Great] Grand Duke of Russia, brought to the Imperial House of Russia – as the Bride’s dowry – the title of Pretender to the Throne of Byzantium and encouraged the absorption of many noble Houses and Chivalric Orders founded during the Byzantine Empire.

Around 1660 Dimitrij VII Dimitrevic’, Grand Duke in exile of the Imperial House of Russia and descendant of Ivan and Zoè Paleologina, had established himself in Enos in the Ottoman Empire, where the dispersed Knights gathered around Him seeking protection. He organised and led them with prudence and wisdom, earning their gratitude and devotion until they proclaimed Him Grand Master of the Order.

Dimitrij VII Dimitrevic’ incorporated the Order in His House and rendered it dynastic, revising the Statutes and rendering the Grand Mastership hereditary in His Family.